This schedule is subject to change. All sessions will take place between October 25-27, 2012.
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Megan Wargula

Hound and Thistle
Owner / Designer
Atlanta, GA, USA
I love dogs, design, and responsible pet owners! I was constantly looking for cool stuff for dog lovers, including those of us who don't have the most common breeds, or those who have unique mixed breeds. When I couldn't find anything I liked, I started creating items myself! I started with stationery, then moved on to t-shirts, tote bags, posters, and paper weights.

I have personally drawn over 100 dog breeds and create custom silhouettes for mixed breed owners. Plus, I have cat and horse silhouettes.

Animal welfare is so important to me and with my small business, I hope to promote responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter initiatives to help reduce the serious problem of over-population and neglected animals.