This schedule is subject to change. All sessions will take place between October 25-27, 2012.
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Bunny Allen

Owensboro Humane Society
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Owensboro, Kentucky
Thank you for stopping by my page for a cyber visit!

I have been married 20 years (2015) and I have a beautiful daughter who is 18
3 furkids - Jenny Sue (Cavalier Spaniel) Carma Poodale (standard poodle) and Lil Zen paco's remarus allen (Chihuahua)who is missing and Scooby Doo Chihuahua
I volunteer at the Owensboro Humane society.I love animals with a passion and this is a no kill shelter that is what made me choose them. Plus I adopted Jenny Sue from them almost 10 years ago. I love volunteering with them. They are such a great group of volunteers! As you see I can do most of the stuff that I need from the comfort of my bed. With having MS I have really bad days and just being able to do something like this can make me feel a little better and a little less mad at myself. If you have a disability please don't waller in your own self pity. Volunteer! It can make a world of difference to someone or some animal.